What I Learned in 25 Years at CSI

Today I celebrated 25 years of employment at CSI. Here are at least a few of the important things I’ve learned in that time

That many people are different than me
• In the way they were raised
• In the way they work
• In what they believe
• In what they like/don’t like

But I can enjoy working alongside people very different from me.

Working with and for family is fun, infuriating, and very satisfying.

A lot of people hate change but some people can’t wait for the next one.

It is really hard to live up to the legacy of a great mom and dad who founded the family business.

When you treat people like family they will work like owners.

Yelling rarely works when all you want is to be heard.

It’s good to be passionate about what you do, but it’s not effective to shove the passion down people’s throats.

Sometimes being in HR is like working with kindergartners, but when you work for a good company like CSI, it is mostly a very rewarding role.

Hiring good people is hard and keeping good people is harder.

Don’t look to your job or employer to get strokes.

Career missionaries are not the only people Christ called to be a light in their workplace.

Good businesses support their employees in achieving their personal goals.

Providing development opportunities for employees is one of the best business growth strategies.

People want to know when they’re doing a good job. And if you tell them when they do well, they will even want to know when they don’t do so well.

Behavior drives attitude, not the other way around.

When you have a good idea that gets implemented, it’s not important who gets the credit.

It’s great to have fellow prayer warriors at work.

What have you learned at work?

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