Love Our Kids – Love Your Neighbor

For the whole law can be summed up in this one command:”Love your neighbor as yourself.” Galatians 5:14

Aha! One command. I can remember that. I should be able to obey one command – right? It sounds easy…

I found myself irritated last night by a young man (I work with 1-5 grades) during the brief supper time before Wednesday night activities. He was making statements and then “supporting” them with information that seemed totally unrelated. Some of it was way out there.

I’m not sure why he’s coming. He doesn’t enjoy other children. He often sits by himself putting off any efforts to include him and has many excuses for not participating. But after I got home, I realized He needs love, too. He needs Jesus, too, whether he knows it or not. I used to be irritated because his behavior was completely disruptive. When will I stop being irritated?

I will stop being irritated when I realize that he’s my neighbor and the love of Christ should compel me to love him and want to understand and meet his needs as best I can. I should be praying for me in this more than him.

You may not have this type of situation in your classroom. Hopefully, there aren’t any parents who even irritate you just a little bit – or a co-worker. But if there are, let’s pray that we will obey this ONE commandment.

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