I often wonder how, at the age of 60, I can possibly still fail so often with my words.

My mouth has gotten me into trouble as long as I can remember.

I know for sure the last spanking I got (at age 16) was because I smarted off at the dinner table, disobeying my dad. I really only remember one other spanking but I was early elementary and don’t remember the reason. Probably my smart mouth.

In Junior High PE there were five Beth’s in a class of about 35 girls. I found out late in the school year that the teacher had MM next to my name for “Motor Mouth.” I don’t remember being rude to her…at least I’m hoping it was just because I talked a lot to the other girls.

And it is the most ridiculous things that trigger my words that are not a good representation of the Lord. Some examples…

  • The espresso machine being down at McDonald’s at 6am for cleaning when I was on my way to work.
  • Restaurants serving Diet Pepsi instead of Diet Coke and has no other diet option. Does anyone really like Diet Pepsi? (Yes – my husband does.)
  • Being in a conversation where I feel like I have good input but that I’m not being heard. I can often realize later that I could have been giving that same impression to the other person in the conversation.
  • Any argument that seems completely illogical to me.

Yet I notice in the verse that there are no exceptions noted. WHATEVER you do or say. The Greek word is “pas,” meaning ALL.

I wonder how many opportunities to witness for the Lord I have ruined because of my rudeness. How many opportunities to express God’s love for someone who may be having a worse day than I have I missed completely?

Lord, help me to truly keep this verse in mind every moment that I interact with others. Teach me to think constantly of how I can bring you glory. Amen.

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