Oh to be as grateful and thankful as I should be for all that God has done for me!

The Old Testament writers often admonished the Jewish people to call out what God had done for them – start with rescuing them from the bondage of Egypt.  We should follow that example and take regular time to look back on all God has done for us!

When I was 8 years old He showed me my need for Christ.  He had already been teaching me about Himself for some time.

He allowed me to bear two wonderful sons.

He redeemed my failure at marriage with a wonderful husband for a second chance at being a wife and to become a bonus mom to three more sons.  And then through the years He provided 15 healthy grandchildren.

He carried me through the heartbreak of divorce and single-parenting.  After divorce I thought my opportunities for serving Him were over.  Instead, He provided and continues to provide abundant ways  to serve Him in my home, in my workplace and in my community.

Early in my single parenting, He provided a position that allowed me to move closer to family for help.  Little did I know that this position would provide growth through the years personally and professionally, as well as a place I could openly share my faith.

He has abundantly provided for my husband and me spiritually, physically, financially and through rich friendships throughout the years. 

I would love to hear about His faithfulness to you!

If you don’t have a story about God’s faithfulness to you, it’s not to late to let Him start one in you. DM me! I’d love to visit with you about it.

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