Praying for the government is commanded in scripture and I used to be much better at it…at least I did it more regularly.  But in the past several years, I have given it “a lick and a promise” occasionally with intermittent times that I was more intentional and passionate about it.  You know – maybe early in the pandemic, during some of the worst rioting surrounding race relations, right before the election, during the events surrounding the attack on our capitol, and on inauguration day.

Thursday has been the day I focus on this important area.  And I include not only national leaders, but state, county and city governments, as well as school leaders and faculty.

The Presidential Prayer Team organization started after 9-11.  After each inauguration they have a 100-day prayer focus for the (new) president because those days are so critical – especially when a new president takes office.

I can’t recommend enough the resources provided by The Presidential Prayer Team organization.  These are so helpful because they stay on top of what the top issues are and have a wonderful perspective on the needs of these leaders.  They guide us to pray through all three branches of government.  You may want to sign up for their weekly email reminder with a link to an updated set of prayer topics –  Weekly Prayer Focus – Presidential Prayer Team.  You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Won’t you join me in committing to 100 days of prayer for our new president and the administration he is putting together?   Go to  to start today!  Would you pray that God would raise up people like he used in the Bible to influence governments – like Daniel, Joseph and Esther?

I have also included some other guides for your prayer time. 

Will you join me in this effort?  I’d love to hear from you!

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