People who know me know that if someone asks about a favorite (food, movie, song, Bible verse, hymn, worship song, etc.), I struggle to pick one. Hasn’t God given us SO MANY great things to enjoy?!

But today’s verse of the day in the Bible App brings me to my favorite worship song of all time. Mind you, it was composed in the late 1970’s. But I don’t know anyone who has heard or sung it who does not consider it to be a fabulous setting of Psalm 8.

You can listen here and let me know what you think. Close your eyes. Don’t get caught up in the people, but concentrate on the message of the song – “How majestic is YOUR NAME!”

This passage is one of the ultimate worship passages in the Bible. David could see the Lord in all that he took in. Even though he was working, he took time to notice, bask in and give God glory for his amazing creation.

One thing that stood out to me today is the word “mindful.” We here that a lot today. We challenge ourselves about being mindful of others – or even ourselves. We are asked to check our mindset because our thinking is so impactful on our behavior.

But isn’t it beyond comprehension that the God of creation would be mindful of us? That He would care for us?

Aren’t we so busy caring for ourselves and those in our family – hustling to provide a great quality of life – that we fail to be amazed by His creation or even notice His provision for that great quality of life?

Let me encourage you to be mindful of Him today! Write down some of His characteristics. Bask in his amazing creation (worship Him, not the creation). Ascribe to Him the worth He is due.

Let me know how did you liked “The Majesty and Glory.”

🤓Watch for more on Psalm 8 coming soon!

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