I’m always intrigued by the word “glory” as I read scripture. As I read Psalm 24:7-10 today, as part of my “read through the Bible plan”  (, I stopped to really contemplate, “Who is the King of glory?”

Glory is such an interesting word in Hebrew.

In the Olive Tree Enhanced Strong’s Dictionary we find this definition – h3519. כָּבוֹד ḵâḇôḏ; rarely כָּבֹד kabod; from 3513; properly, weight, but only figuratively in a good sense, splendor or copiousness: — glorious(-ly), glory, honour(-able).

If you’re like me, you think more of the “splendor” part of glory.  The light.  The brightness that resulted in Moses glowing for days after He had been with the Lord.  When I see the sun breaking through clouds so that you can see the rays pouring through, that’s when I tend to think, “God’s glory.”

But this definition also tells us that God’s glory is weighty.  Let that sink in.   When you think of God’s glory being heavy – what does that make you think?

My dad really was bigger than any other dad I knew.  At 6’ 5-1/2”, he was an imposing figure.  I vaguely remember one time when I was little asking him if he were a giant.

He was a giant in many ways.  A giant of gentleness. A giant of modeling good habits and godly living.  A giant of pouring into Christ’s body, the church – whether teaching preschoolers with mom or leading Sunday Night Training Union for young couples.  A giant of generosity with friends, family by blood and every employee that he called “family.”

I can’t remember ever telling someone that “My Dad is bigger than your dad,”. But I definitely thought it.  And this morning I realized that I should let the “weightiness” of God impact me even more.

My Father (through Christ) – the King of glory – is strong and mighty (Psalm 24:8).  He is the creator and sustainer of the entire universe.  He is all-knowing, ever-present, all-powerful.  He is sovereign over all.

That’s heavy.  He is bigger than our personal problems, than our national problems, than our world problems.  And we acknowledge that from time to time.  But do we really live as if He is present and He is THE KING?

I know those of you who have lost your dad can probably relate to the fact that I realize now that I did not honor or respect my dad enough for the giant he was when he was living.   Even when living in his home, I often chose to disobey direct instructions.  How dishonoring is that?!

What about the King of glory?

Do we throw Him a glance or “thank you”  in the morning and maybe at night and then a song or two on Sunday?

Do we spend time in His word trying to grasp the weight of WHO He is and what a privilege it is to be His child through Christ?

Do we contemplate every action and word in light of what will point to HIS GLORY?

Do we brag to others about our God being greater?  Because in this case, it is true!

Does our honor, fear, respect, or awe of the King of glory, give us a greater desire to obey His direct commands and imperatives for His people?

Father, praise you that even though you are the King of glory, you have made it possible for us to be in relationship with you through Christ!

Forgive me for failing to grasp the weight of you!  I love the splendor of your creation and I am thankful for it.  Even as I study your attributes, I fail so many times to really honor you in my thoughts, words and actions.

May all of us reading this be impacted to love you more and to honor you more in our quiet time with you, in our corporate worship, and in our obedience and daily living.

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