Dry and weary…

Are you parched for encouragement?…

Are you weary from the news?  The illness?  The loss of life?  The division?

Many of us are tired and discouraged – but most of us are not running for our lives like King David.

Most of us are not holed up in a cave somewhere waiting for the enemy to pass by and wondering where our next drink of water will come from.

Look at David’s response to the worst of times.

He didn’t stomp his foot and demand the Lord deliver him because he was the anointed king.  In other Psalms we definitely see him request deliverance – but not a demand as a right.

Here he is not asking for guidance from the Lord.  

He’s not even asking for a drink of water or his daily bread.

David is seeking the Lord!

His soul THIRSTS for God.  “My God,” his personal God.

In the midst of so much difficulty, his flesh YEARNS for his personal God.

An important part of David’s pursuit of God was worship. 

David praises the Lord’s power and glory.

He remembers God’s lovingkindness to him.

This worship of God – personal worship as he was hiding – resulted in  David being satisfied.  Really satisfied – as if he had eaten a big steak.

David doesn’t just seek the Lord in the morning, but also on his bed in the night.  He recalls that God has been His help – that He has sheltered Him.

So he sings. More personal worship.

Worship helps his perspective. He is able to see that the Lord is upholding him and that He will deal with those who seek his life.

And at the end I found something so powerful for today in our country. “The mouths of those who speak lies will be stopped.”

Do you pray that truth will be revealed? There are so many areas where we need truth! We need to know the truth. And we need those who are leading our country astray to be stopped.

Lord, we praise you. We praise you for your power and glory. We praise you for your faithfulness to us.

Help us to thirst more for you and your presence more than deliverance, healing or answers.  You alone can satisfy.

We pray that those who speak lies will be stopped and that truth will abound in our country.

Help us to spread YOUR truth.  So many need to know.

In Christ’s powerful name – Amen.

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