Beginning in Genesis 1, God is at work doing something new.

You can trace brand new, new again, and renewal for God’s people all the way to the eternity future when God says He will make ALL THINGS NEW.

In studying  for the Bible study I am writing on this theme, I noticed that while God might use people that don’t belong to Him to accomplish something new, the good part of newness is always for His chosen ones.

Sometimes we say we want something new, but when the time comes, we really don’t want to do what it takes to have it.  Change is required to have something new.

And God’s new guarantees that the pain of change is more than worth it. 

Lord, help us have the heart to desire you and the new thing you have for us. Deep in our hearts we know whatever you have for us will ultimately be more than we could ask or imagine. Yet we struggle to act on that faith. Grow our faith, Lord, so that we don’t miss out on any of your goodness! Amen.

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