aThanks for joining me here!

I’m a Christ-follower, wife, mom, and grandmother who loves studying, sharing and teaching God’s Word. My primary spiritual gift is exhortation so I am always striving to encourage others to be the best they can be.   Wellness and toxin-free lifestyle is also an area dear to my heart and one that you may need help in as you pursue it for your family.  

When I started writing and sharing several years ago, I thought of the old hymn that I remember well from my childhood.

Make Me A Blessing (Verse 3) – George S. Schuler, Ira Bishop Wilson

Give as ’twas given to you in your need;
Love as the Master loved you;
Be to the helpless a helper indeed;
Unto your mission be true.

Make me a blessing,
Out of my life
May Jesus shine;
Make me a blessing, O Savior, I pray,
Make me a blessing to someone today.

I pray that by sharing my journey, you will be blessed and encouraged to love Him more.


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